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<span>Create a culture of teamwork and gratitude overnight</span>

79% of employees leave due to lack of recognition. Can you take that risk?

Real-Time Recognition

Stop waiting until annual reviews to recognize employees. In seconds employees can send thanks, affirmations, appreciations and other notes to brighten others days, all while keeping the recognition stored and reported on in Salesforce!

Employee Retention

79% of employees cite their main reason for leaving work was lack of recognition. What are you doing to keep your valuable employees from walking away?

Work Satisfaction

The positive culture that frequently recognizing and appreciating others is contagious and makes employees excited to come to work each day.

Salesforce Adoption

Having trouble getting users to log into Salesforce? Using the same 'addictive' design of social media, Recogo uses notifications and gamification to encourage people to actively engage in their platform and their team.

Company Values

Easily and quantifiably see how well employees are living up to company values by viewing out-of-the-box dashboards on your company values.

Corporate Objectives

Track qualitative corporate objectives in real time and not just at your year end reviews.

How much can Recogo save you each year?

Recognizing employees is not only the right thing to do, it’s the financially smart thing. Create a culture of recognition to keep your employees and avoid the arduous cost of finding and training new ones.

How much can Recogo save you on staff turnover? Recogo can reduce staff turnover by 27%
27% = 86% of Recogo users reported feeling appreciated using Recogo * 31% turnover reduction in recognition-rich culture (Bersin by Deloitte)

Investment return = (Net projected company annual savings due to Recogo) / (Annual Cost of Recogo)
Investment return 1283%
You save per year = (Cost of employee turnover total) * (% reduction in staff turnover due to Recogo)
You save per year $47,299
Recogo is $4 per person per month. Ask about our volume discounts.
Recogo per year $3,420

Natively built on Salesforce, for Salesforce

Never worry about letting your data out of Salesforce. Not only is this secure, it's also great for tracking employees over the long-run. Want to see how recognition increased the sales of your top performers...with Recogo - you can.

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